our birds


hand reared conure

We try to have some variety of small birds in our shop. Mainly finches, canaries, quails and budgies. Some are bred by us but we also buy birds from selected local breeders.

Apart from those we keep in the shop we also breed and hand rear several types of parrots e.g. Cockatiels, Parrotlets, Ringnecks, Conures, Caiques, Rosella, African Grey and some more.

For further info please contact our shop.


seed, pellets, supplements & treats

parrot mix

In our shop you will find seed mix for most common cage birds/parrots in small bags to large sacks. 

We also sell Harrison’s pellet, millet sprays, eggfood, peanuts etc.

When it comes to supplements it’s important to know what your bird is in need for. The most common supplement is Calcivet as calcium deficiency is the most common reason for health problems in birds, including egg bounding. But there are other supplements that you might need so pop into our shop and see if we can be of help.

If you want to treat your bird we have those covered. For finches and budgies to African Greys and other medium and large sized parrots

cages & stands

parrot cage

Are you looking for a suitable cage for your budgie or do you need a cage for an African Grey? We sell the well known Rainforest cages and stock some of them in our shop. The larger cages can be delivered directly to your door.

For smaller cages we have stands on wheels and stands to hang the cage on. What ever is your preference.

And for birdstands we have both table stands as well as freestanding floor stands. Something your parrot and you are going to love.

toys & accessories

Birds love toys. Day in and day out they can play with their toys. It keeps them occupied and helps to prevent bordom. But, toys need to be replaced as no one has fun of playing the same game again and again. Weeks in, weeks out. We tend to focus more on natural toys rather than plastic. It’s better for the environment and natural toys are better for the bird.

Are you breeding and need nest box and/or nesting material? Or do you need an extra feeding bowl, drinker, cage front or bird bath? These are just a few of the items you can find in our shop in Newport and our online shop.