aquatic room

tropical fish

tropical fish

In our fish room you will find most of the common tropical fish on the market. They come from one of the best suppliers in the UK and have been quaranteened and are healthy. 

We also stock some wonderful plants to make your aquarium look even better and more natural than ever.

If you have any questions regarding our tropical fish or your aquarium, please do not hesitate to ask our staff as we have some experienced members you can talk to.

food & treatments

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Quality food is important to your fish so they can grow and be healthy. We sell only well known brands that are used buy people that know it all when it comes to aquatics and ourselves in our shop. If you are looking for fFlakes, pellets, sticks or frozen food, we have it.

Treatments are also important to your aquarium and your fish. If you are setting up a new aquarium and you need some starter treatment or if it’s to treat your already establised fish, the right treatment can be the difference between life and death.

aquariums, decor & accessories

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Aquariums in different sizes and shape. With or without a stand or cabinet, we have it for you in our shop or can deliver to you directly from our suppliers.

We also try to have a good selection of decor as the right decor can make your aquarium look amazing the way you want to have it.

Accessories are also taken care of. From small valves to heaters and pumps. We try to make sure we have it in stock or we can order it in without any extra cost for you.